Text-to-screen technology

Call Studio Applications Manager

Live Audio Feeds

Near-live Video Content Streaming

Voting Systems


Effective and innovative broadcast solutions that increase audience engagement and create new revenue streams.

Combining the latest in web and mobile technologies with on screen content, Amplefuture brings a dynamic versatility to the world of broadcast media.

With text to screen technology, call studio applications manager, live audio feeds and 3G video content streaming, our revolutionary broadcast solutions systems create exciting opportunities for audiences to interact with on-screen content.

High volume telephony/SMS messaging services - which allow viewers to text their favourite TV programmes in order to comment or vote - give broadcasters the opportunity to attract additional revenue.

Our content streaming systems provide a facility for near-live video content such as football matches and breaking news stories to be streamed directly to consumers' mobile handsets.

Amplefuture also works in partnership with Canis Media, the UK's leading end-to-end TV channel launch and broadcast management company, in providing bespoke mobile and payment solutions for the broadcast industry. Established in 2001, Canis Media is also the UK's largest broker of Sky EPGs and advises on all areas of channel distribution on multiple platforms. In addition, Canis can create and produce bespoke broadcast quality video content for both online and offline platforms.

Amplefuture is a significant shareholder in Canis Media. For more information and contact details, see www.canismedia.com