Amplefuture is proud of its impressive track record working in the fashion, TV, sport and social media industries; creating innovative ways for its clients to build audiences, increase user interaction and maximise revenue streams.

While our clients excel as specialists within their own industries, they know that Amplefuture's expertise can help them keep pace with the latest developments in the world of communications technology.

Amplefuture can provide the expert knowledge and guidance they need to meet the demands of a rapidly changing market place. Our ability to listen, understand and respond to the specific needs of client organisations has placed us at the forefront of some of the most exciting developments in broadcast technology, social media, sports reporting and fashion forecasting.

An ongoing commitment to research and development ensures that we maintain our position as one of the leading providers of high tech solutions.

Whatever your field of operation, Amplefuture can help you face the communications challenges of today and support your ambitions for the future.


Mobile is now a key platform for sports organisations and broadcasters, who know that fans expect instant, accurate and up-to-date information about the latest match, race or game wherever they are.

Amplefuture has worked in partnership with a range of sports organisations to design pay-per-view services for fans, such as our mobile application designed to stream live boxing matches to viewers.

Working with UEFA, we created an app that delivers football results direct to consumers' mobile phones. This effective package integrating mobile, web and payment services means that football supporters can stay in touch with the action wherever they are.

With a well-established and reliable global IT infrastructure combined with high level expertise in e-commerce and multi-platform mobile communications, Amplefuture is the first choice for sports media rights owners seeking the most effective way to communicate with fans.


The convergence of technologies has opened the door to a range of entirely new markets, products and services for broadcasters.

Working with clients such as Channel 4, Amplefuture creates innovative solutions that include text-to-screen technology, call studio applications manager, live audio feeds and 3G video content streaming.

Broadcasters who want to develop stronger and more profitable relationships with their viewers can now call on the latest developments in communications technology. Whether they choose to set up SMS or telephone voting systems, stream video to viewers' phones or extend their brand via a mobile application, this increased audience engagement can be easily converted into revenue.

A mobile app is a powerful marketing tool that integrates well with broadcast technologies. Amplefuture works across many platforms and networks to ensure compatibility with a wide range of handsets. Using Apple OS, Android, JAVA/J2ME, BREW and Windows Mobile, we can create unique applications that will run on over 1300 mobile devices.

Our wealth of experience in e-commerce, matched with a reliable global payments infrastructure, means that services can be integrated with a seamless billing system.

With a track record of pioneering work in broadcasting, a solid IT platform and a team of experienced developers, Amplefuture is well placed to help the broadcast industry diversify and grow.


A successful fashion business is defined by its ability to respond to customers, identify emerging trends and meet the demands of a rapidly changing market place.

Amplefuture works closely with high profile names in the fashion industry to create innovative solutions: from a simple, ingenious outfit planner which combines style and colour options via a mobile app, to systems that transform the way the fashion world communicates.

Working with online fashion forecast and analysts Trendstop, Amplefuture created a communications tool for iPhone, which enabled Trendstop's editorial team to upload the latest news and images to users' mobile phones from fashion events taking place all over the globe. This was followed by an exciting new app for iPad that combines intuitive visual navigation with a high degree of interactivity, helping the fashion industry conduct rapid and accurate searches for the information they need.

In a fast-moving industry where every second counts, tools such as these can contribute significantly to an organisation's success. That is why leading names in the fashion world rely on Amplefuture's expertise to help them stay ahead of their competitors.

Social Media

Amplefuture has created a suite of tools designed to help your organisation design and run its own social networking site.

Capturing the best elements of the larger global networks, these sites can be crafted to suit the needs of your business.

Whether you want to create links between professionals working in the same field or use the network to monitor the views of your customers, operating your own site allows you to control the terms of entry and define the parameters of communication.

A closed community offers a safe space for colleagues to share images and ideas, while an open community provides opportunities to attract new customers or users, as well as supporting a dialogue with existing customers.

Social networking is just one of the versatile tools available to businesses today. Amplefuture can design a stand-alone site for your organisation or include social media tools as part of a comprehensive communications package.


The market for mobile applications has grown exponentially in recent years, and mobile phone manufacturers have been quick to appreciate the benefits of offering customers handsets that can be purchased pre-installed with great apps.

Amplefuture has developed a wide knowledge of the mobile industry working with companies including Virgin Mobile, O2 and The Link. Collaborations with mobile manufacturing companies have resulted in a number of highly acclaimed and commercially successful applications.

In addition to our innovative payment systems for mobile we have created apps for a wide range of high profile clients including UEFA, Trendstop and MSN.

With a global IT platform, extensive experience in e-commerce and a track record of pioneering innovation within the mobile industries, Amplefuture is a market leader in the provision of mobile applications and services.